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About me

Since the age of 9, I have maintained a passion for anything automotive related that started with a ride in a 1970 Corvette. I remember the feeling of the acceleration, the cornering forces, and the braking that I had never felt before in any of the station wagons my parents owned over the years. From that point on, I discovered the wonderful world of cars and motorcycles. 

In my early teens, while most of my friends were playing hockey and baseball, I was bugging  my father to drive me the 45 minutes to go to the local Porsche dealer to see what they had in stock on a regular basis. Many cars later (a few crashed), I am still passionate about the exotics, the classics, brass-era,  basically anything on two or four wheels. Ownership highlights include many Porsches, AMG Mercedes, V Series Cadillacs, BMW Isettas, Corvettes, and a few Ferraris in the mix to name a few. 

I began collecting automotive memorabilia about 10 year ago and am constantly looking for interesting items related to cars, motorcycles, or boats. These items include dealer signs, pedal cars, literature, artwork, interesting parts, dealer promotional items, and the list goes on. I am constantly on the search for the above mentioned items, and more. Feel free to contact me and lets discuss what you have. Anything you see on my webpage is for sale, and I can arrange crating and world wide shipping. Happy Motoring. ​

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