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1980 FERRARI 512 BB

1980 Ferrari 512 BB

This 1980 Ferrari 512 BB is one of 929 carbureted cars made. These are definitely the most desirable of the Boxer series.This particular car is a Canadian import from Switzerland in 1985 (the Boxer was never sold new in North America), and as a result, it has never had to go through the US EPS/DOT conversion process which included but was not limited to braces installed in the doors and the font end. This makes the Canadian cars more desirable than ones that were imported in the US.

Over the past 5 years, this car has had a complete engine rebuild,  transmission rebuild,  suspension rebuild, and brake system rebuild. Most recently it was serviced and the carbs were all set up at our local Ferrari dealer (June 2018).

Many feel the 512 is undervalued in todays market and will be the next vintage Ferrari to rapidly appreciate.

OFFERED AT $269,000 US

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